Two new Essex Breweries

As I did a post a couple of months ago trumpeting my very own Watsons Brewery as the newest brewery in Essex, I thought it best to write a few words about two more recent breweries, added to the Breweries in Essex listing.

The Three Wise Monkeys on Colchester has gone from strength to strength since it opened a few years ago, expanding upwards and sideways. This year their ‘Other Monkey Brewing’ has seen part of their basement turned into a brewery, which looked something likes the bowels of a battleship running at full steam in WWII when I visited recently (I don’t think they young guys were in vests shovelling coal, but my memory says so).

Their beers are gracing their pumps and worth checking out the (untappd reviews here). And who knows, what with the old ‘Jack’s’ shop standing empty next door, there is room for even further expansion.

And this summer the Leigh on Sea Brewing Company has surfaced, with a cracking set of pump clips to go with their initial beers. If their beer is as good as their pump clips are, then we’re in for a treat, and the early reviews on Untappd are most promising.