The Plough Inn, Great Bentley

The Plough Inn sits on one of the biggest village greens in the country at Great Bentley. We popped in there after a visit to nearby Beth Chatto Gardens in Elmstead Market, just east of Colchester. It’s an old building, low-ceilinged with timbers. It hasn’t had the Winch and Blatch treatment, and hasn’t had the traditional carpeting, pool table and the like replaced by a spotless, laminate flooring. It’s a wide pub, with an area dedicated to eating at one end, and the other end hosting the big tv, basic tables and chairs, pool table etc.

It evidently serves three changing ales, and the three on offer on our visit were Wadworth 6x, St. Austell Tribute, and Sharp’s Atlantic, a Cornish IPA, the latter of which I tried, and which slipped down smoothly on a warm day, making the pub one of those in the ‘Nice Enough, but no reason to hurry back there’ category.