The New Bell Inn, Harwich

The New Bell Inn is near the famous Ha’penny Pier and Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich, and it’s well over 200 years old, although by Harwich standards that’s not very old.

I popped in a few times under the previous long-serving hosts, it was a tasteful dark green on the outside, the front bar comfortable, a traditional local pub, with lots of character, with some excellent paintings on the walls, and some reading matter, and shelves full of snow globes (for that bit of idiosyncratic character), and with Oscar Wilde Mild a regular.

There was a frisson of panic once the news that the long-standing hosts were leaving in 2015, but the pub was taken over by safe local hands, and whilst the green paint on the outside and the snow globes on the inside have gone, what hasn’t is the serving of good beer.