The Alehouse, Chelmsford

The Alehouse, Chelmsford, 24-26 Viaduct Road, Chelmsford CM1 1TS

The Alehouse sits snugly in two of the railway arches under the railway station at Chelmsford, overlooking the bus station. It’s been there a couple of years now, but I’ve only recently paid my first couple of visits. The pub is generous in hosting the regular monthly meetings of SXBottleShare, which is not something to be sniffed at, as the buggers turn up with their own bottled beer and drink that, as I reported on my first attendance.

Mind you, there is pre-bottleshare drinking from the bar, and there is plenty to choose from, with around a dozen ales on cask, some keg beers, and bottled beers a plenty. Sadly I haven’t lived in Chelmsford for almost 30 years – had it been there when I was working at nearby County Hall, it would have been a pre-commute home regular stop off for me!