Summer Beer Festival at The Hare and Hounds, Leavenheath

The Hare and Hounds on the A134 between Colchester and Sudbury, and we’ve passed it often enough en route to The Fleece at Boxford, and the Edwardstone White Horse in recent years. But a bit of twitter activity to promote their summer beer festival saw me pop in there today.

It’s only about 10 minutes drive from Colchester North Station, a bit more if you get stuck behind one of those drivers on the A134 who goes at a steady 38miles an hour – through the 30mph zones, the 40mph zones and the 60mph stretches….

The pub has Greene King IPA as a regular ale, and two changing guests (the walls getting covered by pump clips from the guests). A keg line, craft beers in bottles, food that is home-cooked mit eine Austrian element, and a nice beer garden, so a lot to like under the new(ish) and young(ish) ownership.

In addition to the beers on draught, there were 10 extra beers for the beer festival, and in the absence of a dark ale I quaffed a Milk Street Brewery Funky Monkey, which the brewers say is “ a copper-coloured little chap with tints of gold and orange. The nose features toffee, a soft pliant sort of toffee that also veers towards fudge, along with a juicy burst of orange blossom sweetness. It’s an enticing nose, refreshing and appetising. On the palate there’s more of the juicy, orange blossom sweetness, which makes for a thirst-quenching fruitiness, that then clears the way for a dry finish also featuring a citrusy return and a hint of passion fruit.” Maybe one day my palate and taste buds will be as lyrical as that.

Some pix below :