Pint of the Year 2015 Contender 3 : Pot, Kettle Black from Yeastie Boys at Edwardstone White Horse

It took me a little while to ponder it, but in the end I found I had to put a keg beer into the contenders list for Pint of the Year 2015. I was at The Edwardstone White Horse for one of their might fine burgers one evening and was taken by the beer board advertising a 6.5% abv porter, aged for a year in Pinot Noir barrels. Alls the way from New Zealand brewery Yeastie Boys – so, clearly it had to be keg to be transported halfway across the world.

It was a substantial pint, one to savour not to quaff. You would have to be Desperate Dan to quaff it mind you. Lots of depth, complex flavours, rich and smooth, getting to the point of chewable. We were at the pub again a few weeks later and finished off another great meal with a pint, and I persuaded my mate to try it, and he spent a very mellow half hour tucked away in his corner chair savouring his pint. It was one of those pints that goes into legend – we’ll be talking about it for years to come.