King’s Head, Pebmarsh

The Street, Pebmarsh, Halstead, Essex CO9 2NH

The King’s Head, Pebmarsh is a bit off the beaten track, tucked away in the countryside north of Halstead. Prior to heading over to the Braintree Beer Festival in June 2015, I spotted a tweet from them with a photo of the beers on the bar, which included Bishop Nick’s Dark Mild. So the route to the beer festival was changed to take in a lunch at the pub.

I wasn’t aware that the pub had been closed for a few years until resurrected by Pebmarsh resident Joe Burlo, who we chatted to in the pub. He’s done a great job turning it into an inviting pub that we would want to visit again. Several real ales on the bar, including two brewed for the pub by a nearby eco-brewery in Suffolk, and the aforementioned dark mild. That kind of selection of beers fits my definition of what a ‘real ale pub’ is, as opposed to a pub which ‘serves real ale’.

The lunch we had – goat’s cheese salad – was top quality. We had it in the bar, which was plenty nice enough, and the pub also has a more formal dining room. There’s often live music on a Friday night.