Essex Real Ale Pint of the Year 2015 : Yeastie Boys’ ‘Pot Kettle Black’

Well, 2015 was a ‘funny old year’.

It started with me working, as I have been since 1982, full-time, with the wife happy working casual hours, and two sons post-university, looking for jobs. The year finished with the sons both working, the wife on a permanent 3 days per week job, and me, having been downsized to a 3 days p.w. job in the summer, being further downsized to 0 days p.w. And, fortunately, all four of us very happy with the new situation 🙂

So, busy with a lot of RealWorldtm ‘stuff’, the big push into the world of real ale in Essex I planned for 2015 didn’t really happen. Let’s see if that happens in 2016.

All this by way of an introduction to the announcement that the winner of the inaugural Essex Real Ale ‘Pint of the Year Award’ was drawn from a much smaller range of pints that I had anticipated. However, truth be told, the Yeastie Boys’ ‘Pot Kettle Black’ was such a great pint it could have withstood a much larger field of contenders.

I wrote briefly about the beer here – a chewy 6.5% porter aged in Pinot Noir barrels. Continuing the theme of it being a funny year, the pint was actually a keg beer, and it was drunk at the Edwardstone White Horse, just over the boundary in Suffolk.

I’ve tasted far less exciting beers from cask, and, in a year when I also had my first can of beer for about 15 years, and thoroughly enjoyed it (details here), I’m willing to accept that great beer doesn’t just come from the cask. So congrats to the @YeastieBoys, one of whose team is here in the UK now. With more time on my hands, I’ll be seeking out more of their beers, and more beers to consider for the Essex Real Ale Pint of the Year 2016 award!