Essex Brewery News

The Essex Breweries page was static for a few years, but there have been some notable changes of late.

We’ve seen new breweries of different sizes being launched :

  • my own dinky 1BBL Watsons Brewery
  • the much much bigger Leigh on Sea Brewery
  • Keppel’s Brewery now has it’s own premises,and is no longer a cuckoo brewery
  • the Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester has it’s own brewery in it’s basement, with plans to upsize next door
  • Fable Brewery is a new cuckoo brewery, mostly brewing out of George’s Brewery
  • Chelmsford Brewery Company – a new father and sons brewery
  • White Hart Brewery – brewing from The White Hart in Halstead

But to offset this, we have seen some other less good news :

  • Andy Skene, having set up The Queen Street Brewhouse in Colchester (selling beers there but not brewing them there), has left Pitfield Brewery behind, and his Dominion Brewery beers are being brewed at the Red Fox Brewery in Coggeshall
  • Paul Mellor at Harwich Town Brewing Company, thwarted in his plans to upsize next door, has closed his brewery and is also brewing his beers at Red Fox Brewery

With social media regularly discussing the future (or lack of it) for cask beer, the rise of craft beer and it’s packaging in bottles, cans and key kegs rather than cask embraced by (mostly) a younger generation, there will be more changes before too long.

Watch this space for further news, or get in touch if you have any news to share.