Essex Breweries

This is a list of all (known to me) Essex Breweries – if there are any errors, or omissions, do let me know (

Latest updates :
11th May 2021 – moved Saeburh Brewery down to the Closed section, on account of the company having been dissolved, the website having disappeared, and the facebook page having gone deathly quiet | 11th April 2021 – moved Saffron Brewery down to the Closed section, on account of them evidently closing (as per NW Essex CAMRA website) | 7th March 2021 – light at the end of the COVID tunnel, as Moody Goose Brewery have announced that their pub brewhouse is re-opening to have beers ready for the pub re-opening | 21st November 2020 – a new Colchester nano/pico brewery Colne Valley Brewing now selling their first beer | 23rd October 2020 – good news for the week was seeing Radio City Beer Works producing their first kegs and cans from their much bigger kit. Bad news for the week was hearing that Dan had called it a day for Keppels Brewery, citing COVID-19 and the uncertainty going forward. Probably not the last casualty in Essex… | 10th September 2020 – signs of life on Instagram and Facebook from That Weird Brother Brews a one-man nano/pico brewery who sold a limited number of brews in 2019 as The Obnoxious Brewing Company | 10th August 2020 – Leigh on Sea Brewery has two new brewers – Robert Heywood (ex Billericay Brewing and more recently East London Brew Co.) and Sam Martyn (ex George’s and his own cuckoo brewery Fable Brewery) | 6th August 2020 – moved Silks Brewery down to the Closed/Inactive section | 6th August 2020 – Neolithic Brew Co. bottles now appearing. | 22nd July 2020 – Watsons Brewery – now canning and has an online shop with local delivery and posting further afield | 13th July 2020 – Neolithic Brew Co. (kegs now appearing) | 10th July 2020 – Radio City Beer Works (upsizing and new premises in the pipeline) | 2nd February 2020 – added a link to ‘Beer Stories’ video in Courtyard Brewery | 11th January 2020 – Neolithic Brew Co. (new nano) | 3rd Dec 2019 – Hart of Stebbing brewery and pub up for sale | 4th November 2019 – new microbrewery ‘Jack Rabbit Brewing Co’ | (5th June 2019) added Obnoxious Brewing Co. (new nano) | KHP Brewery (moved brewing from Silks to Red Fox in Coggeshall) | Radio City Beer Works (new nano) | Redchurch Brewery (a ‘new’? Essex brewery) | Fable Brewery (Sam is leaving George’s Brewery and heading up to London!) | Vendetta Brewing Company (website no longer there, no activity on untappd/Facebook, assuming closed) | Essex Brewery Company (no longer brewing) | The Posh Boys Brewery (new nano) | Famous Railway Tavern Brewery (change of hands and hiatus) | Courtyard Brewery (new nano) | St. Botolph’s Brewery (new nano) | Blackwater Brewhouse (Farmers Ales craft beer offshoot/branding) | Mr Majolica’s (gone very quiet, assuming closed) | Deverells (stopped brewing) | Felstar (closed) | Round Tower (was changing hands, now closing) | Hope Brewery (closed) | Saeburh Brewery (new nano) | Vendetta Brewing Company (new nano) | Fox Meadow Brewery (new nano) | KHP Brewery (brewing again, at Silks Brewery) | Harwich Town Brewing Company (brewery in Harwich closed, now being brewed at Red Fox Brewery) | Dominion Brewery (moved production from Pitfield’s brewery in Moreton to Red Fox Brewery) | Chelmsford Brewing Company (new nano) | Keppels Brewery (Dan has his own brewery and no longer is a cuckoo brewer) | Fable Brewery (cuckoo brewer) | Other Monkey Brewing Company (new nano) | Leigh on Sea Brewery (new micro) | Watsons Brewery (new nano (me)).

Active Breweries

Billericay Brewing Company
54c Chapel Street, Billericay, Essex CM12 9LS
Established 2010. In addition to producing their beer they have a well-stocked shop with their beers and other beers, and a micropub with several beers on tap, and run a couple of beer festivals each year. In January 2019 they announced that production-wise they had maxed out, production-wise in Billericay, and were going to be brewing bigger batches of their beer on Brentwood Brewery’s kit, with some potential Billericay/Brentwood collabs on the way.
website | untappd

Bishop Nick
33 East Street, Braintree, Essex CM7 3JJ
The Ridley family’s 163-year Essex brewing history came to an end in 2005 when Greene King (who else?) bought the brewery and closed it down. Six years later the Ridley family returned to Essex to reclaim their crown. Their brewery, in Braintree, has a shop.
website | untappd

Blackwater Brewhouse
nr Maldon
Launched in late 2018, craft beer branding from Farmers Ales (see below).
website | untappd

Brentwood Brewery
Calcott Hall Farm, Ongar Rd, Brentwood CM15 9HS
Set up in 2006, with a well established range of traditional real ales, and they went a bit crafty a couple of years ago with small bottles and some very interesting tastes with their Elephant School Brewing brand (see below). In January 2019 announced that they would be working with Billericay Brewing and letting them brew on their bigger kit, and produced a first collaborative brew.
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Chelmsford Brewing Company
Great Baddow, Chelmsford
Father/son setup and home to Blueshack Beers, launched in 2018.
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Colchester Brewery
Wakes Colne, nr Colchester
Established in 2011, exponents of double-drop brewing, with regular, one off and retro beers, and some swanky new pump clip designs as of 2017. Embraced 330ml bottles, and more recently produced a key keg version of their award-winning ‘Brazilian’ coffee and vanilla porter.
website | untappd

Colne Valley Brewing
Not much info about this new nano/pico setup yet, whose first beer is a black IPA. Evidently a small ‘brewery’, but the question is – small, very small, or teenyweeny? The website has photos of what look like 5litre demijohns! After the first beers it’s been very quiet since January 2021.
website | untappd | facebook

Courtyard Brewery
Gosfield, nr Halstead
Two guys (Marc and Mark), one 6BBL kit, with three regular beers (gold, ipa and dark). Check out the short video in the brewery made by new YouTube channel Beer Stories in early 2020.
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Crouch Vale Brewery
23 Haltwhistle Road, South Woodham Ferrers CM3 5ZA
The grand-daddy of Essex Breweries, established in 1981, and with many award-winning beers. Have Tap Room 19 to serve their beers.
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Dominion Brewery Company
c/o Red Fox Brewery, Coggeshall
After brewing his Dominion beers alongside Pitfield Brewery beers on the Pitfield kit in Moreton nr Epping, Canadian Andy Skene has left Pitfield/Moreton behind and his Dominion beers, as of late 2017, are being brewed at Red Fox Brewery in Coggeshall. Andy’s energies are now mostly focussed on his Queen Street Brewhouse in Colchester.
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Elephant School Brewing Company
Calcott Hall Farm, Ongar Rd, Brentwood CM15 9HS
Brentwood Brewing Company craft beer branding with 300ml bottles with crafty recipes.
website | untappd

Fable Brewery
A ‘cuckoo’ brewery, Sam brews his beers at George’s Brewery (see below) where he is/was(?) Head Brewer and where he brewed their George’s/Hopmonster beers. August 2020 saw Sam (and Rob Heywood) start as brewers with Leigh on Sea Brewery, and it’s gone a bit quiet on the Fable Brewery front.
website | untappd

Fallen Angel Brewery
12c Reeds Farm Industrial Estate, Roxwell Road, Writtle, Essex CM1 3ST
I paid a visit when they were still based in Broxbourne and trading as Broxbourne Brewery, and there’s a complicated story involving the history of the brewery and it’s beers, and the chilli-infused beers of Fallen Angel. Now the brewery has moved to Essex, but still focusses primarily on selling at craft fayres and chilli festivals across the UK, rather than locally. I think it’s fair to say that their chilli beers are of a ‘Marmite’ variety – as their untappd rating and comments indicates!
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Farmers Ales – Maldon Brewing Company
The Blue Boar Stable Yard, Silvery Street, Maldon, Essex CM9 4QE.
Have been brewing ‘Farmers Ales’ behind the Blue Boar Inn in Maldon for many years, with a dozen or so regular ales. A tap room on Maldon High Street and their ‘Blackwater Brewhouse’ branding, and new premises appearing to be on the horizon were developments in recent years. However, as of 2020/2021 there was a rebranding which dropped the ‘Farmers Ales’, and other developments may be in the offing.
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George’s Brewery
Great Wakering SS3 0AG.
Established in 2010. Beers are marketed with either George’s Brewery or Hopmonster branding. Head Brewer Sam also brews his Fable beers there. Owner Mark runs Mawsons MicroPub in Southend, one of the first micropubs in Essex.
website | untappd

Harwich Town Brewing Company
Station Approach, Harwich, Essex CO12 3NA.
Established in 2007, with a half dozen regular beers, and similar number of specials. Watch out for their annual beer festival at the amazing Harwich Redoubt Fort. As of 2018, Paul closed down his brewery in Harwich and started cuckoo brewing at the Red Fox Brewery in Coggeshall.
website | untappd

Jack Rabbit Brewing Co.
Lawford, Manningtree
Two guys, one with local brewing experience, spent Summer 2019 doing up a ramshackle old barn and installing a shiny nano-brewery, and produced their first two beers at the back end of 2019. Beer in casks, kegs, bottles and cans.
website | facebook | untappd

KHP Brewery
Originally brewed for the King’s Head in Pebmarsh, after a bit of a hiatus they were brewed at nearby Silks Brewery but without the link to the pub and renmed KHP as a consequence, and since May 2019 their beers have been brewed at Red Fox Brewery in Coggeshall.

Leigh on Sea Brewing Company
Leigh on Sea
Opened 2017 a new full-sized microbrewery for Essex, embracing both cask and keykeg and bottles and (as of 2020) cans. August 2020 saw a bit of change in the brewers, with Rob Heywood (ex Billericay Brewing and East London Brew Co) and Sam Martyn (George’s Brewery and his own Fable Brewery)
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Mersea Island Brewery
Mersea Island Vineyard, Rewsalls Lane, East Mersea, Essex CO5 8SX
Brewing since 2005, with half a dozen popular regular beers. Watch out for their Easter beer festival.
website | untappd

Mighty Oak Brewing Company
Unit 14b West Station Yard, Maldon, Essex, CM9 6TW
Established in 1996, and brewers of beers that have won some of the highest awards possible, including their Oscar Wilde mild, one of my all time faves. They have a micro-taproom on Maldon High Street.
website | untappd

Moody Goose Brewery
King William IV Pub, Braintree
A 4bbl pub brewhouse set up in 2015, supplying their own bar, and also local beer festivals. A bit of a hiatus in brewing since 2019, their COVID put a stop to their plans to recommence brewing around March 2020, but in March 2021 they announced that brewing was underway in advance of their pub re-opening.
website | untappd

Neolithic Brew Co.
Bradwell on Sea
Another nano/pico brewery with Matt moving from homebrewing to commercial brewing having redone the old goat shed and brought in some shiny SS Brewtech kit. 1BBL. Kegs are now appearing locally (July 2020) and the first four beers in bottles (August 2020).
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Other Monkey Brewing
Three Wise Monkeys, High Street, Colchester
The cellar of the Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester is now a steaming cauldron with young brewers slaving to produce their own beers to add to the two dozen or so (craft and keg) available in the bars upstairs (and the more recent TWM in Ipswich). They have been working on moving the brewery into the basement of the famous old ‘Jack’s’ building next door which will become a tap room, and were seeking a new brewer in early 2021.
website | untappd

The Posh Boys Brewery
Established in 2018, two guys and a shed brewhouse brewing small scale and selling mostly direct to the public locally – including their own tap room.
website | untappd

Pumphouse Community Brewery
Church Lane, Toppesfield CO9 4DR
Funded by a mixture of grants and a share issue, the now community-owned Green Man in Toppesfield purchased kit from a nearby micro-brewery which had closed and set up brewing in 2015. It has produced a range of beers (a lot going through the pumps at The Green Man) and bottles.
website | untappd

Radio City Beer Works
A few years in the making, this very small scale setup upsized and moved into new premises and produced the first kegs and cans on their *much* bigger kit in mid-Oct 2020.
more details (facebook) | untappd

Red Fox Brewery
The Chicken Sheds, Upp hall Farm, Salmon’s Lane, Coggeshall CO6 1RY
Established in 2008 by Russ, with half a dozen regular beers and specials, brewed ‘the traditional way’. They now have a bottle shop in Coggeshall and recently they have also been producing beers for Witham Brewery, Dominion Brewery, Harwich Town Brewing Company and KHP Brewery.
website | untappd

Redchurch Brewery
Redchurch Brewery was based in Bethnal Green under a railway arch, then got extra funding and set up an additional brewery in Harlow couple of years ago. They were very much still a London brewery, brewing their own beers with a London/national/supermarket focus and also contract brewing one of the beers for Beavertown (one of the Redchurch team was ex-Beavertown). In May 2019 they announced that they had gone into administration, had new owners, and had left Bethnal Green behind and would just be brewing in Harlow. So will they now be classed an Essex brewery, or remain a London/national focussed brewery who happen to be based in Essex (as with Fallen Angel and Pitfield breweries)?

Shalford Brewery
Shalford CM7 5WP
Set up in 2007, a 5-barrel micro-brewery in Shalford, north of Braintree, serving the local area. Very low key.
website | untappd

St. Botolph’s Brewery
A husband and wife team, specialising in Belgian beers brewed on 400L kit in their garage. Low profile, and mostly only selling bottles at farmers markets on the Essex/Suffolk borders.
website | untappd

That Weird Brother Brews
A very small scale brewer whose produced a few commercial brews in 2019 as The Obnoxious Brewing Co. and then things went quiet before a rename and beers now being delivered locally in April 2021.
facebook | untappd

Watsons Brewery
Old Heath, Colchester
Set up in late 2016 (by me!!). A dinky nano/pico brewery in a dedicated brewhouse in the garden. Lots of different beers, very few regulars. An online shop went live in mid-2020.
website | untappd

White Hart Brewery
15 High St, Halstead CO9 2AA
Started brewing at The White Hart pub and hotel in the town in 2016, beers mostly through the pub and local beer festivals.
website | untappd

Witham Brewery
Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1RY, England
Set up as a brewpub in Witham in 2012, beers are now brewed at the Red Fox Brewery in Coggeshall.

Wibblers Brewery
Goldsands Road, Southminster CM0 7JW
“Wibblers have been going since 1991, having moved to a new site in Southminster in 2016 they opened a micropub/taproom on the site which serves their real ales, ciders and craft keg products. Alongside the drinks there is an extensive menu of homemade food. Open days 3 times a year when you can tour the brew house and hear all about how they make their product range.”
website | untappd

Recently closed or inactive

Deverell’s Brewing Company
Traitor’s Gate, Grays
No longer in business.
facebook | untappd

Essex Brewery Company
Norton Mandeville, CM4 0LN
Set up in 2014 on his farm after raising turkeys and selling eggs, Ian Chisholm produced a range of beers in bottles, mostly selling at country fayres and the like, rather than to trade, turned his hand to mead, and in 2018 brewing was replaced with running beer festivals, although that business appears to have fallen foul of covid.
website | untappd

Famous Railway Tavern Brewing Co
Brightlingsea CO7 0DT
Brewed in the pub for several years now, with beers on their bar and also at local beer festivals. As of mid-2018 a change of ownership means that brewing at the pub is off the menu for the moment.

Felstar Brewery
Crix Green, Felsted CM6 3JT
The lowest of low profile breweries which evidently closed quietly in the summer of 2018.

Fox Meadow Brewery
2 firkins at a time, established 2017, but as of mid-2019 their website has disappeared and nothing on untappd/ratebeer, and I heard mention of brewing being ‘suspended’ during 2019.
website | untappd

Hart of Stebbing Brewery
Stebbing CM6 3SQ
Brewing at the The White Hart pub in the village, although in late 2019 the NW Essex CAMRA website noted that the pub was up for sale and the brewery closed (it’s website has disappeared).

Hope Brewery
Little Thurrock
Originally brewing on a very small scale in Stanford le Hope, (hence the name), upsized to a 6BBl enterprise, producing an increasing range of beers, and bottles, all named with the prefix “SX …” But in July 2018 Phil Evans announced that after much thought, the brewery was closing.
website | untappd

Keppels Brewery
Established in 2016, home of Tipsy Crow Stout and a small number of initial beers brewed at Billericay Brewing, brewer Dan got his own kit and premises in late 2017, and upsized mid 2018, but sadly COVID-19 brought the brewery to a closure in 2020.
website | untappd

Mr Majolica’s Brewing Company
2.5bbl brewery in Gray’s town centre. Low profile on the interwebs, and untappd reviews have dried up as of Nov 2018 and the brewery is no longer listed on the SW Essex CAMRA list of local breweries.
website | untappd

Pitfield Brewery
Founded in 1982 in the cellar of The Beer Shop on Pitfield Steet in London, brewing moved to Moreton in Essex, and focussses on organic and vegan ales. For many, many years the brewery was run by Andy Skene who also produced his own Dominion Brewery beers there, but in late 2017 Andy moved his Dominion brewing to Red Fox in Coggeshall and waved goodbye to Pitfield/Moreton. Not so much an Essex brewery as a London/national brewery that happens to be based on the London/Essex border, if you get my drift. There is an ‘active proposal’ to strike the company off the Companies House register as of late 2019, and their Facebook/website presence has disappeared.
website | untappd

Round Tower Brewery
Unit 11a, Robjohns House, Navigation Road, Chelmsford CM2 6ND
Set up in 2012 by Simon Tippler. In July 2018 announced he was looking to sell the brewery, and a local buyer appeared to be found, but in a FB post in late October 2018 Simon announced the last brews had been done and the brewery was closing.
website | untappd

Saeburh Brewery
There wasn’t too much information about the brewery on their website/facebook page, but clearly a small scale nano/pico setup. After brewing ‘some of the finest ales in the land’ for a year or two, the company has been dissolved and the website disappeared, and the facebook page has gone quiet.
facebook | website | untappd

Saffron Brewery
The Cartshed, Parsonage Farm, Henham, Bishops Stortford CM22 6AN
“We are a family run, award winning, artisan brewery based in Henham (Hertfordshire/Essex border) which produces a range of heritage ales with a contemporary twist. Using only the finest floor malted barley and English hops a range of real ales has been created to satisfy all palates from the session drinker to the connoisseur.” Technically a Hertfordshire brewery, but I’ll let them onto this listing….
website | untappd

Silks Brewery
Wash Farm, Queen Street, Sible Hedingham CO9 3RH
A one-man (Ross) 5bbl setup which began in late 2015, but which was was put up for sale in late 2019. As of August 2020 there has been no sign of life on untappd, twitter or facebook since 2019 and the website is now a curious mix of the previous website and generic placeholder/Irish bar content, so this brewery is now in the inactive/closed section of this listing. If you know better, let me know.
website | untappd

Sticklegs Brewery
Primrose Farm, Hall Road, Great Bromley, CO7 7TR
Previously based at the Cross Inn pub, then in Elmstead Market, then at Primrose Farm in Great Bromley, this low profile brewery mostly supplied nearby pubs, but quietly closed not too long after its final move.
facebook | untappd

Vendetta Brewing Company
A short-lived small scale brewery (2018-early 2019??) now closed.
website | untappd