Colchester Ale Trail 2015 – Day Ten

One final sticker for the Colchester Ale Trail, three options : The Three Wise Monkeys, The Fox and Fiddler and The Live and Let Live. I’d popped into the first two a couple of weeks ago, and popped out due to a very limited range of beers in each. As a trip to Homebase at Stanway was required, popping into The Live and Let Live seemed a good idea.

And yup, it was a good idea, as there was the usual range of good beers on offer, and I was able to complete the Ale Trail with a dark ale, a pint of Mighty Oak’s ‘Glorious Mud’, evidently classified as a brown ale. But, and check this people, this was the pint that I had started the Ale Trail with at The Goat and Boot all those weeks ago. Strange forces are at work….

Quaffed the beer, listening to the tales of those in the pub who had done the Colne Valley Cycle Ride that morning. My drinking companion and I had done the ride last year, buy she didn’t feel prepared to have done it this year whilst I nobly only mentioned that I had been on a 40-mile solo cycle ride once. Or twice.

And of course the final sticker :