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Essex Breweries : Pumphouse Community Brewery

Funded by a mixture of grants and a share issue, The Green Man in Toppesfield purchased kit from a nearby micro-brewery and set up brewing a year or two ago. It has produced a range of beers (a lot going through the pumps at The Green Man) and bottles.

Essex Breweries – Shalford Brewery

Set up in 2007, a 5-barrel micro-brewery in Shalford, north of Braintree, serving the local area. A small range of beers which thankfully includes a mild and their ‘Levelly Black’.

Essex Breweries – Pitfield Brewery

Founded in 1982 in the cellar of The Beer Shop on Pitfield Steet in London (I remember it well!), brewing moved to Moreton in Essex, alongside Dominion Brewery. Focussing on organic and vegan ales.

Essex Breweries – Dominion Brewery

Dominion Brewery beers are brewed at the Pitfield Brewery, which is located near Moreton in Essex. Dominion is also running Pitfield Brewery with the aim of producing fine quality organic beers participating more in the organic food industry. All of the beers, from both breweries, are made from the finest ingredients available