23rd Chappel Beer Festival

earm1We had a quick visit to the 23rd Chappel Beer Festival last Saturday. It was held, as ever, at the East Anglian Railway Museum in Chappel,  just a few miles outside of Colchester.

moll1smallwebWe’ve been to the majority of the beer festivals there, partly through it being quite child-friendly, so we were able to take the boys when they were very little. It’s become a regular end-of-summer outing for us, and invariably the weather is nice.

Excellent beer, of course, and also Leon was back with his vegetarian food stall, which was up to the usual standard.

We missed the ‘molly dancers’ (blacked-up, hardcore morris dancers), although we caught the tail end of some of their music. (note : the blacking up was done by dancers in bygone years, to disguise themselves, for fear of their boss seeing them dancing on a weekend and being seen not being tired out from doing their work – nothing at all to do with a racial thing)

It was lovely weather, the only real disappointment was that we were only there for an hour and half. But that was time enough to sample a few half-pints!