11th Braintree Beer Festival

We made a quick Friday afternoon trip to the 11th Braintree Beer Festival, avoiding the crowds. The festivals held in the main hall, under the lovely arched ceiling of the Bocking Arts Theatre, although we sat outside as we had our trusty spaniel, Ringo, with us.

Not a lengthy session, but we sampled, according to my tweets :

– at the Braintree beerfest, first up is Moody Goose Dirty Dog Stout all the way from King William IV in town
– now a @CRBrewery Black Gold dark mild at Braintree beerfest
– afternoon sesh at #Braintree #beerfest concludes with @purplemoosebrew Dark Side of the Moose. Malty and moosey.

And I have to say I was mightily impressed with the Dirty Dog Stout, from the nearby King William IV pub. As we had just lunched at The King’s Head at Pebmarsh, we had to eschew the curry and chilli that we’d had on previous occassions 🙁